Get Your 72-hour Survival Food Kit Before They’re Gone (it’s FREE*)


In an emergency – no matter what the cause – you’ll need food. And in a crisis, it disappears in a flash.

Having good-for-25-years survival food is crucial. Do you have enough? Now you can get added protection for you or a loved one, FREE.

For the cost of shipping, we’ll send you 16 delicious servings of hearty, healthy food to keep on hand and you through the first 72-hours.

Why do this? Let Danielle explain…

It’s a lifeline. This offer will be over soon. Please don’t pass it up.  Get the details from Danielle on your FREE Kit (just pay shipping)

Why are we doing this? 3 reasons:

1) We believe in the true, stick-together American values that this nation was founded on. Bottom line, we honestly want to help you get prepared.

2) With this 72-hour Survival Food Kit, you get a fair shake at sampling our delicious, nutritious survival food, and we’re sure you’ll be back for more. Most people do come back, because they soon realize they simply can’t find anything this delicious, this unique or this easy-to-store and use, anywhere else. Period. Our customers are well-prepared for a food crisis of nearly any length – from a week to a year or more – and you can be too.

3) Finally, to be blunt, everyone with at least the minimum on hand for the first 3 days of the next panic is one LESS person out looking for OUR food if things really break down. So now we’re both protected!


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