What Is It About “ILLEGAL” Immigration That the Left Can’t Understand?

When it comes to illegal immigration, there is one word that keeps coming back to me… over and over again.

It’s not “fairness” and it’s not “sympathy.” This issue is not about trying to determine what’s fair. And it’s not about being sympathetic to someone who might have to separate from other family members.

But this word is also not “harshness” and it’s not “revenge.” It’s not about being harsh toward someone by sending them back home. And it’s not about taking revenge against a person because of where they came from.

No, the word that keeps coming back to me, over and over again is… ILLEGAL.

What is it about “illegal” that our friends on the Left don’t understand when it comes to the topic of immigration? They seem to think illegal immigration is a “victimless crime.”

A Victimless Crime? Hardly!

We should ask the 10 illegal immigrants who were recently found inside a sweltering truck in a San Antonio, Texas Walmart. But we can’t because they’re dead.

We should ask the U.S. citizens whose identities have been stolen by illegal immigrants.

Or we should ask the family members of U.S. citizens who illegal immigrants have killed. Do they think this is a victimless crime?

This country – like every country – has laws. They benefit the people who are living in this country… LEGALLY.

That includes people who were born in this country. But it also includes people who took the right path to legal citizenship.

Ignoring a Problem Doesn’t Solve It

The previous administration looked the other way when it came to illegal immigration. For some politicians, gaining votes is more important than doing what’s right for the nation.

During his presidential campaign, Donald Trump said he’d fight against illegal immigration. He even promised to build a wall to help limit the number of illegal immigrants coming into the U.S. from Mexico.

His statements may not have been popular with everyone. Many people on the Left made the ridiculous accusation that he was a racist. All because he wanted to put a stop to illegal immigration. But his statements made sense to enough people to get him into the White House.

Now, the folks who work for Trump are in the process of making sure his promises to voters are being kept.

A Promise to Lay Down the Law

Last week, Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director Thomas Homan said that federal immigration law will be enforced nationwide without reservation.

He stated that illegal immigration is NOT a victimless crime. He pointed out cases of illegal immigrants stealing the credit card numbers and Social Security numbers of U.S. citizens. He also called attention to those working with dangerous drug cartel members.

Officials in Sanctuary Cities said they will protect illegal immigrants from law enforcement. But Homan says he’s going to try to put a stop to that.

“I’m going to send additional resources to these cities and we’re going to find these people,” Homan said. “We’re going to enforce the law without apology.”

The fact that there is even a discussion about whether the U.S should enforce its immigration laws shows how messed up everything has become.

Blurring the Lines a Recipe for Disaster

We can thank the Left for that. Their goal has always been to undermine what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they established what turned out to be the greatest country in the history of the world.

The Left has done everything it can to turn black and white into gray. To them, right and wrong don’t even exist anymore. It’s all relative.

But having that philosophy is a great way for a society to crumble. And that’s not going to happen if we patriots have anything to say about it.

Homan says he understands why people want to come to the U.S. and live here. After all, who wouldn’t want to?

“I can’t blame anybody for wanting to come to the United States,” Homan said. “There’s a legal way to do it and a not legal way to do it. Millions have come to this country and become parts of its society through the legal process. That’s what we need to stick to.”

Amen, brother!