Army Veteran Leaves Millions to Habitat for Humanity

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. People who have a servant’s heart are the most generous people in the world.

They are very generous with their money if they have it. Usually more so than those who have much more money than they do. But most of all, they are generous with their time.

They help family members when it comes to projects around the home.

They help friends through difficult circumstances.

They come to the aid of neighbors who need help.

They reach out to the community by volunteering their time.

They serve the homeless at food pantries and soup kitchens.

Where Volunteerism Gets Its Start

Sometimes these people learn the spirit of volunteerism by their parents. Other times they develop their servant’s heart by serving their country in the military. Then when they come home, they extend their hearts further to help those less fortunate.

One prime example is Sergeant 1st Class Stephen Florentz. This Army veteran served the United States in both Vietnam and Saudi Arabia. He earned a Purple Heart and an Air Medal while doing so. Even after retiring from the service, he worked in the Army Reserves.

Many veterans live on a tight budget after their service. But Florentz was able to earn an impressive estate over time.

He could have rewarded himself for his lifetime of service with extravagant purchases. But instead he saved so that, even in death, he could serve his fellow humans.

Veteran’s Generosity Lives On

Fox News recently reported that when Florentz passed away in late 2016. He left $2.25 million from his estate to the Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity.

The organization can now build approximately 24 homes for people in need. All from Florentz’s generous donation.

Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity CEO Ann Felton-Gilliland commented, “It’s a life-changing experience for our families… Most of them are living in apartment houses that are in unsafe areas… Their children aren’t able to ride their bicycles or even play in the front yard.”
There are many worthy causes to which he could have donated. Why did Florentz choose Habitat for Humanity?

Giving Others What He Didn’t Have

It’s likely he wanted as many kids as possible to have a better and safer experience growing up than he did.

Florentz grew up in New York City tenements. He had no close family members when he died. But now, two dozen families will not have to deal with the dangerous surroundings that he did. All thanks to his benevolence.

His donation was the largest in the history of Central Oklahoma Habitat for Humanity. They placed Florentz’s name on the entryway to Legacy Estates in northwest Oklahoma City. Right where they will build 24 homes.

Unfortunately, most of us can’t leave millions of dollars to charity when we pass on. But there are plenty of things many of us can do to help make other people’s lives better while we’re still living. And a lot of us are doing exactly that.

Volunteer Opportunities Abound

There are many opportunities where you could contribute your money or time. You could volunteer at one or more of your local churches where there are food pantries. Or at a homeless shelter near your home.

It could be there is a neighbor who wants nothing more than someone with whom they can spend time.

You could also search the Internet for volunteer opportunities in your area.

Whatever it might be, you are certain to come away from the experience with as much fulfillment as those who benefit from your volunteer efforts.

That had to be the case for Stephen Florentz. In fact, I’m guessing he headed toward his heavenly home as one of the most fulfilled people on Earth.